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Global Youth's Business Start-up

Technology based start-up programs for foreigners

 Recruitment summary 


 ■ The purpose of this business 

◦Support for participating in the Foreign Technology Entrepreneur Contest of 2015 Global Youth Venture Incubation Project, certificate of award, prize and startup education are provided. 


 ■ Organizer and Sponsor 


◦ (Organizer) KISED, Global Startup Immigration Center


◦ (Sponsor) Small and Medium Business Administration, Ministry of Justice


 ■ Prize Award 


◦ Approximately five teams of foreign technology entrepreneurs will be awarded.













*The final number of winners may vary depending on the decision of the evaluating committee.

* [Note] Credit system for a startup visa of the Ministry of Justice

   (⑤ Invention and startup competition (OASIS-6): 25 points)



  When and how to apply 


◦ (Application period) Oct. 15 2014 (Wed.) until 16:00, Nov. 13 2014 (Thu.)

◦ (How to apply) Apply via E-mail(  

*After sending an E-mail, you should check confirmed E-mail from us that your application has been finished successfully. (in 3 days)


(Required Documents)① application forms (including a written agreement for the use and provision of personal information), evidence (a copy of identification card, alien registration card, residence card, visa, etc.), business registration certificate (fact certificate in the case of a preparatory startup entrepreneur), diploma, etc ② business plan
















*Files for application should conform to the following naming convention: name of the representative_document number, e.g., JoeKim_01, JoeKim_02. Send an email with files attached that comply with the file naming convention and follow up by calling the project team to confirm receipt of the application form.


*Team members on the application must submit the evidence of clause ① above, otherwise they will be excluded from evaluation.



 ■ Qualicications 

◦ Overseas Koreans staying in or out of Korea or foreigners who are preparatory startup entrepreneurs and who created a startup in Korea on or after Jan. 1, 2014 (including the team members).











◦(Extra points) Extra points are awarded to startups that will attract the employment of local Koreans to encourage active startup business in Korea.


- Document Evaluation: organizing a team that includes local Koreans* (2 points)


* Local Koreans should be a preparatory startup entrepreneur as of the date of this announcement.


- Evaluation by presentation: presentation in Korean (2 points)


* Presentations must be made by a representative of a team.



 ■ Classification 


◦ Manufacturing

 Knowledge service

Knowledge service : App, S/W, contents, Web etc.

- Note that if the business involves both test product production and information service

  (combination of the two), the business shall be regarded as ‘manufacture’ and provided with support accordingly.



 ■ Inquiries 


◦ Inquiries about the project


- (KISED) Global Startup Team,, (042)480-4331~4


- Global Startup Immigration Center


  (Korea Techno Venture Foundation) (02)958-6695,

  (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology) (062)715-2593


◦ Inquiries about startup visas


- Sojourn Section, Ministry of Justice, (02)2110-4068



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